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Competition:3616  Match:348255  DDSL

Ballyoulster Utd v St Kevin's Boys

9th placed Ballyoulster Utd play host to 6th placed St Kevin's Boys at Loughlinstown Road

Ballyoulster Utd has yet to win in this competition, having lost its last 5 games.
Form: L L L L L D L L D L    Home Form: L L L L L L

St Kevin's Boys's last fixture played was a narrow 2-3 win away against Finglas Utd.
Form: W L W L L D W W    Away Form: W L L D W

Prediction: Away Win for St Kevin's Boys

Current League Position
6St Kevin's Boys84132326-313
9Ballyoulster Utd100281035-252

This is the first meeting of these teams in this competition
Club Fixture History
26/01/20 11 amSt Kevin's Boys51Ballyoulster Utd18 Sun M1
09/11/19 10:30 amSt Kevin's Boys12Ballyoulster Utd12 Sat Inter
20/10/19 11:30 amSt Kevin's Boys10Ballyoulster Utd12 Sun Inter
22/09/19 11 amBallyoulster Utd24St Kevin's Boys18 Sun M1
04/05/19 10:30 amBallyoulster Utd22St Kevin's Boys12 Sat Major 1
27/04/19 12:30 pmBallyoulster Utd35St Kevin's BoysU13 Jimmy Flood Cup (M & M1)
14/04/19 11 amSt Kevin's Boys05Ballyoulster Utd16 Sun Premier 2 (KO 1pm unless stated).
13/04/19 11:30 amSt Kevin's Boys11Ballyoulster Utd12 Sat Major 1
13/04/19 10:30 amSt Kevin's Boys01Ballyoulster Utd11 Sat A
02/03/19 10:30 amBallyoulster Utd41St Kevin's Boys13 Sat Major
13/10/18 1 pmSt Kevin's Boys20Ballyoulster Utd15 Sat A1:
13/10/18 1 pmBallyoulster Utd02St Kevin's Boys14 Sat Premier:
16/09/18 12:30 pmBallyoulster Utd10St Kevin's Boys12 Sun 1:
15/09/18Ballyoulster Utd11St Kevin's Boys15 Sat Premier 2:
08/09/18 10:30 amBallyoulster Utd11St Kevin's Boys12 Sat B1:
24/06/18 12:30 pmSt Kevin's Boys10Ballyoulster Utd12 Sun 1:
26/05/18 1 pmSt Kevin's Boys23Ballyoulster Utd15 Sat Premier 2:
12/05/18 11:30 amSt Kevin's Boys40Ballyoulster UtdU14 Thunder Cup
28/04/18 11:30 amSt Kevin's Boys62Ballyoulster Utd14 Sat Premier:
21/04/18 10:30 amSt Kevin's Boys10Ballyoulster Utd12 Sat B1:
24/03/18 1 pmBallyoulster Utd06St Kevin's Boys15 Sat A1:
16/09/17 12 pmBallyoulster Utd41St Kevin's Boys13 Sat A1:
10/06/17 10:30 amSt Kevin's Boys23Ballyoulster Utd13 Sat A1:
05/11/16 1 pmBallyoulster Utd12St Kevin's Boys13 Sat Division B
01/10/16 11:30 amSt Kevin's Boys52Ballyoulster Utd13 Sat Division B

Recent Results in this competition
Ballyoulster Utd
25/05/19 1 amBallyoulster Utd15Lucan Utd
18/05/19 1 pmCastleknock Celtic50Ballyoulster Utd
11/05/19 1 pmBallyoulster Utd12Marks Celtic
04/05/19 1 pmFinglas Utd51Ballyoulster Utd
13/04/19 1 pmBallyoulster Utd14Granada FC S D
30/03/19 1 pmLucan Utd11Ballyoulster Utd
St Kevin's Boys
18/05/19 1 pmFinglas Utd23St Kevin's Boys
04/05/19 11:30 amGranada FC S D41St Kevin's Boys
13/04/19 11 amSt Kevin's Boys31Lucan Utd
30/03/19 1 pmMarks Celtic51St Kevin's Boys
23/03/19 1 pmSt Kevin's Boys05St Mochta's
09/03/19 1 pmCastleknock Celtic33St Kevin's Boys

Ballyoulster UtdSt Kevin's Boys