10 Sun B1

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St Kevin's Boys v St John Bosco

Venue: Ellenfield

St Kevin's Boys play host to St John Bosco at Ellenfield

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

Current League Position
11St John Bosco00000000
13St Kevin's Boys00000000

This is the first meeting of these teams in this competition
Club Fixture History
16/02/20 11:30 amSt John Bosco33St Kevin's Boys13 Sun 1
02/02/20 11:30 amSt Kevin's Boys12St John Bosco13 Sun 1
26/01/20 1 pmSt Kevin's Boys42St John Bosco16 Sun Prem 2:
02/09/18 10:30 amSt John Bosco01St Kevin's Boys12 Sun 3:
24/06/18 1:30 pmSt Kevin's Boys01St John Bosco12 Sun 3:
17/06/17 1 pmSt John Bosco21St Kevin's Boys15 Sat A1:
18/03/17 1 pmSt Kevin's Boys21St John Bosco15 Sat A1:
09/10/16 11:30 amSt John Bosco10St Kevin's Boys11 Sun Division B
St John Bosco41St Kevin's Boys12 Sun 2

Recent Results in this competition
St Kevin's Boys
St John Bosco

St Kevin's BoysSt John Bosco