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Belvedere FC v St Kevin's Boys

League leaders Belvedere FC play host to 6th placed St Kevin's Boys at Fairview Park at 11 am

Belvedere FC has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won every game.
Form: W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W    Home Form: W W W W W W W W W

St Kevin's Boys's last fixture played was a 2-2 draw at home against Cherry Orchard.
Form: D L L L D L L L W W W D W L W W W W W D W W    Away Form: L L L D W W D L W D W

Prediction: Home Win for Belvedere FC

Current League Position
1Belvedere FC21210091118063
6St Kevin's Boys22114751361537

This competition head to head
27/03/22 11:30 amSt Kevin's Boys13Belvedere FCWards Cross

Club Fixture History
10/09/22 1 pmSt Kevin's Boys24Belvedere FC14 Sat Premier
14/05/22St Kevin's Boys03Belvedere FCU13 Liam Brady Cup
07/05/22St Kevin's Boys40Belvedere FCU12 Tom Kavanagh Cup (Inter Sat)
30/04/22 1 pmBelvedere FC11St Kevin's BoysU14 Thunder Cup
25/04/22 6:30 pmSt Kevin's Boys61Belvedere FC14 Sat Int
09/04/22 10:15 amBelvedere FC10St Kevin's Boys11 Sat A Shield
30/01/22 1 pmSt Kevin's Boys00Belvedere FC18 Sun Premier North
30/01/22 10:15 amSt Kevin's Boys00Belvedere FC13 Sun Inter
12/12/21 10:15 amBelvedere FC03St Kevin's Boys13 Sun Inter
04/12/21 10:15 amSt Kevin's Boys51Belvedere FC12 Sat Inter
04/12/21 10:15 amBelvedere FC01St Kevin's Boys11 Sat A
30/10/21 11:30 amSt Kevin's Boys01Belvedere FC13 Sat Inter
30/10/21 11:15 amBelvedere FC00St Kevin's Boys12 Sat Inter
09/10/21 1 pmBelvedere FC25St Kevin's Boys14 Sat Int
19/09/21 1 pmBelvedere FC30St Kevin's Boys18 Sun Premier North
18/09/21 10:15 amSt Kevin's Boys11Belvedere FC11 Sat A
04/04/20 11:30 amSt Kevin's Boys10Belvedere FC11 Sat A
09/11/19 1 pmBelvedere FC10St Kevin's Boys15 Sat P1:
02/11/19 1 pmSt Kevin's Boys12Belvedere FC15 Sat P1:
19/10/19 10:30 amSt Kevin's Boys10Belvedere FC12 Sat Inter
21/09/19 11:30 amBelvedere FC10St Kevin's Boys11 Sat A
15/09/19 11 amBelvedere FC42St Kevin's Boys17 Sun P1
30/04/19 6:30 pmSt Kevin's Boys23Belvedere FC12 Sat Premier
23/04/19 6:30 pmBelvedere FC04St Kevin's Boys12 Sat Premier
30/03/19 11:30 amSt Kevin's Boys10Belvedere FC11 Sat A
10/12/18Belvedere FC00St Kevin's Boys15 Sat Premier 1:
06/12/18 7 pmBelvedere FC10St Kevin's Boys11 Sun A:
05/12/18 8 pmBelvedere FC22St Kevin's Boys13 Sat Premier:
01/12/18 11:30 amSt Kevin's Boys20Belvedere FC14 Sat Premier:
16/09/18 12:30 pmBelvedere FC23St Kevin's Boys16 Sun Premier 1:
11/06/18 7 pmSt Kevin's Boys41Belvedere FC13 Sat Premier:
23/05/18 7 pmSt Kevin's Boys93Belvedere FC11 Sun A:
17/05/18 7 pmSt Kevin's Boys20Belvedere FC16 Sun Premier 1:
16/05/18St Kevin's Boys44Belvedere FC15 Sat Premier 1:
21/04/18 11:30 amSt Kevin's Boys52Belvedere FCU14 Thunder Cup
14/04/18 11:30 amSt Kevin's Boys41Belvedere FCU13 Liam Brady Cup
07/02/18 8 pmBelvedere FC23St Kevin's Boys14 Sat Premier:
18/11/17 10:30 amSt Kevin's Boys21Belvedere FC14 Sat Premier:
09/09/17St Kevin's Boys13Belvedere FC15 Sat Premier 1:
04/09/17 6:45 pmBelvedere FC10St Kevin's BoysU12 Prem Tom Kavanagh Cup
24/06/17 11:30 amBelvedere FC03St Kevin's BoysU14 Thunder Cup
21/06/17 7:15 pmBelvedere FC13St Kevin's Boys14 Sat Premier:
14/06/17 7 pmSt Kevin's Boys42Belvedere FC13 Sat Premier:
07/06/17 7 pmBelvedere FC14St Kevin's Boys13 Sat Premier:
04/12/16 11 amBelvedere FC03St Kevin's Boys17 Sunday Premier
05/11/16 11:30 amSt Kevin's Boys40Belvedere FC13 Sat Division Premier
22/10/16 1 pmBelvedere FC11St Kevin's Boys15 Sat Division Premier 1
25/09/16 11 amSt Kevin's Boys11Belvedere FC17 Sunday Premier
17/09/16 11:30 amBelvedere FC04St Kevin's Boys13 Sat Division Premier
10/09/16 1 pmSt Kevin's Boys31Belvedere FC15 Sat Division Premier 1

Recent Results in this competition
Belvedere FC
25/05/22 7:15 pmBelvedere FC40Cherry Orchard
23/05/22 7:15 pmLarkview FC12Belvedere FC
17/05/22 7:15 pmDalkey Utd05Belvedere FC
15/05/22 11:15 amLeixlip Utd04Belvedere FC
01/05/22 11 amBelvedere FC10Lusk Utd
26/04/22 7 pmEsker Celtic05Belvedere FC
St Kevin's Boys
22/05/22 12:30 pmSt Kevin's Boys22Cherry Orchard
17/05/22 7 pmCherry Orchard20St Kevin's Boys
15/05/22 10 amDalkey Utd52St Kevin's Boys
03/05/22 7 pmPhoenix FC41St Kevin's Boys
01/05/22 11 amMid Sutton22St Kevin's Boys
03/04/22 11 amSt Kevin's Boys12Bohemians FC

Belvedere FCSt Kevin's Boys