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Leixlip Utd 3 - 5 St Joseph's Boys

Leixlip Utd suffer defeat to St Joseph's Boys.
14th placed Leixlip Utd were beaten at home by League leaders St Joseph's Boys at Leixlip Collinstown at 11:15 am

Leixlip Utd are currently on a losing streak of 5 games.They have yet to win at home.
Form: L L L L L W D L D L W L D L D D D L L W W L L

St Joseph's Boys have yet to be beaten away from home.
Form: W D W L W W W W D W W W W W W D W D W W W W W W W W

Current League Position
1St Joseph's Boys26214190276367
14Leixlip Utd2346133255-2318

This competition head to head
28/11/21 11:15 amSt Joseph's Boys32Leixlip UtdPearse Park
03/04/22 11:15 amLeixlip Utd35St Joseph's BoysLeixlip Collinstown

Club Fixture History
13/11/22 10:15 amSt Joseph's Boys22Leixlip Utd12 Sun Div 2
05/11/22 11:30 amSt Joseph's Boys40Leixlip Utd13 Sat Premier
24/09/22 10:15 amLeixlip Utd15St Joseph's Boys12 Sat Premier
10/09/22 10:15 amLeixlip Utd01St Joseph's Boys11 Sat A
27/01/22 11:30 amLeixlip Utd20St Joseph's Boys14 Sat Int
27/01/22 11:30 amSt Joseph's Boys02Leixlip Utd14 Sat Int
27/11/21 10:15 amLeixlip Utd01St Joseph's Boys11 Sat A
09/10/21 10:15 amSt Joseph's Boys10Leixlip Utd11 Sat A
08/02/20 11:45 amLeixlip Utd11St Joseph's Boys15 Sat P2:
23/11/19 10:30 amLeixlip Utd31St Joseph's Boys14 Sat Prem
18/05/19 11:45 amLeixlip Utd23St Joseph's BoysU14 Harmon Cup (M & M1)
27/04/19 11:30 amLeixlip Utd40St Joseph's Boys13 Sat Premier
02/03/19 11:30 amSt Joseph's Boys00Leixlip Utd14 Sat Major
20/11/18 7:15 pmLeixlip Utd10St Joseph's Boys12 Sat Premier:
03/11/18 11:45 amSt Joseph's Boys30Leixlip Utd13 Sat Maj:
13/10/18 10:30 amLeixlip Utd04St Joseph's Boys13 Sat Maj:
16/06/18 11:30 amLeixlip Utd33St Joseph's Boys11 Sat A:
09/06/18 10:30 amSt Joseph's Boys10Leixlip Utd12 Sat Premier:
30/05/18 7:30 pmSt Joseph's Boys10Leixlip UtdU11 (A & A1) Condron Cup
26/05/18 10:30 amSt Joseph's Boys23Leixlip Utd11 Sat A:
16/09/17 1 pmSt Joseph's Boys11Leixlip Utd15 Sat Premier 1:
24/08/17Leixlip Utd20St Joseph's Boys15 Sat Premier 2:
08/07/17 1 pmSt Joseph's Boys02Leixlip Utd15 Sat Premier 2:
13/05/17 1 pmLeixlip Utd13St Joseph's Boys14 Sat Maj:
25/03/17 11:30 amSt Joseph's Boys33Leixlip Utd14 Sat Maj:
05/11/16 12:30 pmSt Joseph's Boys10Leixlip Utd12 Sat Division Major
01/10/16 12:30 pmLeixlip Utd10St Joseph's Boys12 Sat Division Major

Recent Results in this competition
Leixlip Utd
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22/05/22 10:15 amClondalkin Celtic31Leixlip Utd
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St Joseph's Boys
29/05/22 10:15 amSt Joseph's Boys10Raheny Utd
24/05/22 7:30 pmSt Joseph's Boys11Dundrum FC
17/05/22 7:30 pmRaheny Utd03St Joseph's Boys
08/05/22 10:15 amSt Joseph's Boys23Broadford Rovers
05/05/22 7:30 pmSt Joseph's Boys31Castleknock Celtic
01/05/22 11:15 amSt Joseph's Boys50Terenure Rangers
Referee Statistics

Leixlip UtdSt Joseph's Boys