LFA Youths Cup

Competition:5876  Match:802154  DDSL

St Joseph's Boys 17 PREM v Crumlin Utd 18PREM

Referee: Bruton Andrew

St Joseph's Boys 17 PREM play host to Crumlin Utd 18PREM at Pearse Park at 11:30 am

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

Current League Position
16Crumlin Utd 18PREM00000000
41St Joseph's Boys 17 PREM00000000

This is the first meeting of these teams in this competition
Recent Results in this competition
St Joseph's Boys 17 PREM
Crumlin Utd 18PREM
Referee Statistics
Bruton Andrew11054947

St Joseph's Boys 17 PREMCrumlin Utd 18PREM