15 Sat Premier 1:

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Shamrock Rovers claim victory against Cabinteely FC.
7th placed Shamrock Rovers won 4-0 against their visitors, 2nd placed Cabinteely FC at Roadstone S&S Club at 1 pm

Shamrock Rovers are currently on a losing streak of 4 games.
Form: L L L L W W W W W L W D W W W D L L L L L L D L

Cabinteely FC are currently on a winning streak of 4 games.
Form: W W W W L L W D W W W W W L W D D W L W L W L

Current League Position
2Cabinteely FC23143639241545
7Shamrock Rovers2493123432230

This competition head to head
11/05/17 6:45 amCabinteely FC20Shamrock RoversKilboggit Park
11/11/17 1 pmShamrock Rovers40Cabinteely FCRoadstone S&S Club

Club Fixture History
04/01/19 10:30 amShamrock Rovers00Cabinteely FC12 Sat Premier:
02/09/18 10:30 amShamrock Rovers51Cabinteely FC11 Sun A:
27/08/18 6:45 pmShamrock Rovers31Cabinteely FC13 Sat Premier:
23/06/18 10:30 amCabinteely FC08Shamrock Rovers11 Sat A:
20/06/18 7:30 pmCabinteely FC31Shamrock Rovers11 Sun A:
06/06/18 7 pmCabinteely FC12Shamrock Rovers13 Sat Premier:
28/05/18 7:15 pmCabinteely FC01Shamrock Rovers12 Sat Premier:
25/04/18 7 pmCabinteely FC23Shamrock Rovers16 Sun Premier 1:
15/04/18 12:30 pmShamrock Rovers41Cabinteely FC16 Sun Premier 1:
24/02/18 10:30 amShamrock Rovers31Cabinteely FC11 Sat A:
29/10/17 12:30 pmCabinteely FC23Shamrock Rovers16 Sun Premier 1:
02/09/17 11:30 amShamrock Rovers32Cabinteely FC14 Sat Premier:
24/06/17 1 pmShamrock Rovers21Cabinteely FCU14 Thunder Cup
24/05/17 7 pmCabinteely FC03Shamrock Rovers13 Sat Premier:
08/04/17 10 amShamrock Rovers21Cabinteely FC13 Sat Premier:
26/03/17 11 amShamrock Rovers50Cabinteely FC16 Sun Premier 1:
11/03/17 11:30 amCabinteely FC23Shamrock Rovers14 Sat Premier:
26/11/16 11:30 amCabinteely FC10Shamrock Rovers12 Sat Division Major
05/11/16 10:30 amCabinteely FC24Shamrock Rovers13 Sat Division Premier
17/09/16 11:30 amShamrock Rovers11Cabinteely FC13 Sat Division Premier

Recent Results in this competition
Shamrock Rovers
02/12/17Shamrock Rovers02Belvedere FC
02/12/17Shamrock Rovers02Home Farm
02/12/17Shamrock Rovers02Leixlip Utd
02/12/17Shamrock Rovers02St Kevin's Boys
25/11/17 1 pmSt Kevin's Boys02Shamrock Rovers
18/11/17 1 pmSt Joseph's Boys15Shamrock Rovers
Cabinteely FC
09/12/17 1 pmCabinteely FC50St Kevin's Boys
02/12/17Cabinteely FC20Athlone Town
25/11/17 1 pmCabinteely FC51Cherry Orchard
18/11/17 1 pmPeamount Utd14Cabinteely FC
11/11/17 1 pmShamrock Rovers40Cabinteely FC
14/10/17 1 pmLeixlip Utd53Cabinteely FC
Referee Statistics
Bradley Ian251465

Shamrock RoversCabinteely FC