14 Sat B:

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Howth Celtic suffer defeat to Ballyoulster Utd.
13th placed Howth Celtic were beaten at home by League leaders Ballyoulster Utd at Celtic Park at 10:30 am

Howth Celtic are currently on a losing streak of 7 games.They have lost 8 out of 9 home games.
Form: L L L L L L L W L L L L W L W L L L

Ballyoulster Utd
Form: W W L W W D W W L W W L L W W L W W L W D W W W W W

Current League Position
1Ballyoulster Utd26182686493756
13Howth Celtic1830153165-349

This competition head to head
23/09/17 1 pmBallyoulster Utd62Howth CelticLoughlinstown Road
18/11/17 10:30 amHowth Celtic02Ballyoulster UtdCeltic Park

Club Fixture History
27/10/18 11:30 amHowth Celtic23Ballyoulster Utd13 Sat B:
17/09/18 11:30 amBallyoulster Utd02Howth Celtic14 Sat B:
17/09/18 10:30 amHowth Celtic20Ballyoulster Utd14 Sat B:
15/09/18 11:30 amBallyoulster Utd21Howth Celtic13 Sat B:
01/09/17 1 pmBallyoulster Utd20Howth Celtic15 Sat B1:
01/09/17Howth Celtic02Ballyoulster Utd15 Sat B1:
22/10/16 11:30 amHowth Celtic56Ballyoulster Utd15 Sat Division B1
01/10/16 1 pmBallyoulster Utd20Howth Celtic15 Sat Division B1

Recent Results in this competition
Howth Celtic
18/11/17 10:30 amHowth Celtic02Ballyoulster Utd
11/11/17 10:30 amBroadford Rovers20Howth Celtic
28/10/17 11:30 amKnocklyon Utd20Howth Celtic
21/10/17 1 pmHowth Celtic26Knocklyon Utd
07/10/17 1:15 pmHowth Celtic37Greystones Utd
30/09/17 12:30 pmRathcoole Boys53Howth Celtic
Ballyoulster Utd
18/11/17 10:30 amHowth Celtic02Ballyoulster Utd
11/11/17 1 pmGreystones Utd12Ballyoulster Utd
04/11/17 1 pmBroadford Rovers32Ballyoulster Utd
28/10/17 11:30 amBallyoulster Utd20St Maelruans
21/10/17 11:30 amVerona FC35Ballyoulster Utd
07/10/17 10:30 amKnocklyon Utd22Ballyoulster Utd
Referee Statistics
O'Connor Thomas3216412

Howth CelticBallyoulster Utd