SFAI Skechers Cup U16

Competition:7135  Match:1018048  DDSL

Raheny Utd 1 - 2 Portmarnock AFC

Raheny Utd are defeated by Portmarnock AFC.
Raheny Utd were marginally beaten at home by Portmarnock AFC at St Anne's Park at 1 pm

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

Current League Position
Last 32   Last 16   Quarter Final   Semi Final   Final
Tralee Dynamoes - 1
Malahide Utd
    @P1-16 @S1-16
Castleknock Celtic/Home Farm
  @P2-16 @S2-16
Hanover Harps AFC
      @P1-QF @S1-QF  
Lourdes Celtic P
  @P2-QF @S2-QF
Portmarnock AFC
    @P3-16 @S3-16
Regional A
@P4-16 @S4-16
St Francis P
  @P1-SF @S1-SF
Portlaoise AFC
  @P2-SF @S2-SF
St Kevins Boys P/Leixlip Utd
@P5-16 @S5-16
@P11-32 @S11-32 @P6-16 @S6-16
@P12-32 @S12-32   @P3-QF @S3-QF
@P13-32 @S13-32       @P4-QF @S4-QF
@P14-32 @S14-32 @P7-16 @S7-16
@P15-32 @S15-32   @P8-16 @S8-16  
@P16-32 @S16-32       @P1-F @S1-F
@P17-32 @S17-32       @P2-F @S2-F
@P18-32 @S18-32     @P9-16 @S9-16  
@P19-32 @S19-32   @P10-16 @S10-16  
@P20-32 @S20-32       @P5-QF @S5-QF  
@P21-32 @S21-32     @P6-QF @S6-QF
@P22-32 @S22-32     @P11-16 @S11-16
@P23-32 @S23-32   @P12-16 @S12-16  
@P24-32 @S24-32       @P3-SF @S3-SF
@P25-32 @S25-32       @P4-SF @S4-SF  
@P26-32 @S26-32     @P13-16 @S13-16  
@P27-32 @S27-32   @P14-16 @S14-16  
@P28-32 @S28-32       @P7-QF @S7-QF
@P29-32 @S29-32       @P8-QF @S8-QF  
@P30-32 @S30-32     @P15-16 @S15-16
@P31-32 @S31-32   @P16-16 @S16-16  
@P32-32 @S32-32  


This competition head to head
22/01/23 1 pmRaheny Utd12Portmarnock AFCSt Anne's Park

Club Fixture History
03/04/22 10:30 amRaheny Utd15Portmarnock AFC12 Sun 7
27/03/22 11 amPortmarnock AFC02Raheny Utd13 Sun 3
27/03/22 10 amRaheny Utd05Portmarnock AFC16 Sun B
27/02/22 11:30 amRaheny Utd32Portmarnock AFCU12 Top Flight Cup (12.2 N & S)
28/11/21 1 pmPortmarnock AFC00Raheny Utd13 Sun 8
21/11/21 11 amRaheny Utd20Portmarnock AFC13 Sun 3
14/11/21 1 pmPortmarnock AFC50Raheny Utd16 Sun B
07/11/21 10:15 amRaheny Utd01Portmarnock AFC12 Sun 2 North
31/10/21 11 amPortmarnock AFC14Raheny Utd17 Sun A
17/10/21 1 pmRaheny Utd51Portmarnock AFC13 Sun 8
03/10/21 10:15 amPortmarnock AFC03Raheny Utd12 Sun 2 North
12/09/21 10:15 amPortmarnock AFC30Raheny Utd12 Sun 7
29/09/19 10:30 amPortmarnock AFC15Raheny Utd12 Sun 8
19/05/19 10:30 amRaheny Utd11Portmarnock AFC12 Sun 1
24/03/19 10:30 amPortmarnock AFC51Raheny Utd12 Sun 1
21/10/18 11:30 amPortmarnock AFC22Raheny Utd11 Sun A1:
14/10/18 12:30 pmPortmarnock AFC62Raheny Utd11 Sun D1:
13/11/16 1:30 pmRaheny Utd01Portmarnock AFC11 Sun Division C1
25/09/16 11:30 amPortmarnock AFC10Raheny Utd11 Sun Division C1
Raheny Utd11Portmarnock AFC17 Sun A

Recent Results in this competition
Raheny Utd
20/11/22 11:15 amSt Kevin's Boys B126Raheny Utd
27/11/22 11 amPeamount Utd01Raheny Utd
22/01/23 1 pmRaheny Utd12Portmarnock AFC
Portmarnock AFC
06/11/22 11:30 amSwords Celtic05Portmarnock AFC
27/11/22 1 pmPortmarnock AFC51Bluebell/Knockmitten B
22/01/23 1 pmRaheny Utd12Portmarnock AFC
Referee Statistics
Stapleton Nathan945

Raheny UtdPortmarnock AFC