SFAI Skechers Cup U14

Competition:5872  Match:799581  DDSL

Belvedere FC (14-2) 5 - 0 Shelbourne Academy (Int Sat)

Referee: Quinn Thomas

Belvedere FC (14-2) take spoils against Shelbourne Academy (Int Sat).
Belvedere FC (14-2) comprehensively won 5-0 against their visitors, Shelbourne Academy (Int Sat) at Clontarf Astro at 11 am

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

This competition head to head
16/01/22 11 amBelvedere FC (14-2)50Shelbourne Academy (Int Sat)Clontarf Astro

Recent Results in this competition
Belvedere FC (14-2)
17/10/21 11:30 amBelvedere FC (14-2)32Leicester Celtic (Int Sat)
06/11/21 11:30 amCastleknock Celtic (M1)15Belvedere FC (14-2)
28/11/21 12:30 pmLusk Utd (14-2)25Belvedere FC (14-2)
16/01/22 11 amBelvedere FC (14-2)50Shelbourne Academy (Int Sat)
Shelbourne Academy (Int Sat)
06/11/21 10:15 amSt Joseph's Boys (M1)05Shelbourne Academy (Int Sat)
11/12/21 1 pmGreystones Utd (M)04Shelbourne Academy (Int Sat)
16/01/22 11 amBelvedere FC (14-2)50Shelbourne Academy (Int Sat)
Referee Statistics
Quinn Thomas121601546

Belvedere FC (14-2)Shelbourne Academy (Int Sat)