Rathcoole FC Home
11 Sun Div10
Dundrum FC v Rathcoole FC 5/2
Match Preview

Dundrum FC play host to Rathcoole FC at Meadowvale at 10:15 am

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

05/02/2023 08:03
11 Sun Div8
Rathcoole FC v Lucan Utd 5/2
Match Preview

Rathcoole FC play host to Lucan Utd at Frank Cox Park at 10:15 am

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

05/02/2023 08:03
12 Sat B
Rathcoole FC 2 - 2 Home Farm 4/2
Rathcoole FC share spoils with Home Farm.
6th placed Rathcoole FC were held to a 2-2 draw by 5th placed Home Farm at Frank Cox Park at 10:15 am

Rathcoole FC
Form: D W L D D W W L L L D L L L

Home Farm
Form: D D L W D W W W

05/02/2023 08:03
17 Sun D
Rathcoole FC 2 - 2 Mount Merrion 29/1
Rathcoole FC share spoils with Mount Merrion.
9th placed Rathcoole FC were held to a 2-2 draw by 8th placed Mount Merrion at Frank Cox Park at 11 am

Rathcoole FC
Form: D D L D L L D W L L L W W

Mount Merrion
Form: D L D W L L W L L W D

05/02/2023 08:03
15 Sat A1
Larkview FC 1 - 3 Rathcoole FC 28/1
Larkview FC despatched by Rathcoole FC.
11th placed Larkview FC were beaten at home by 8th placed Rathcoole FC at Whelan Park at 1 pm

Larkview FC has yet to win in this competition, having lost all 6 games.
Form: L L L L L L

Rathcoole FC
Form: W W D D L D L D

05/02/2023 08:03
14 Sat C
Wayside Celtic 3 - 3 Rathcoole FC 28/1
Wayside Celtic share spoils with Rathcoole FC.
8th placed Wayside Celtic were held to a 3-3 draw by 7th placed Rathcoole FC at Jackson Park at 1 pm

Wayside Celtic
Form: D L W D L W L L L W W

Rathcoole FC
Form: D L L W L L W W L W W W L L

05/02/2023 08:03
14 Sat C1
Rathcoole FC 0 - 4 Beech Park 28/1
Rathcoole FC despatched by Beech Park.
12th placed Rathcoole FC were beaten at home by League leaders Beech Park at Frank Cox Park at 1 pm

Rathcoole FC are currently on a losing streak of 4 games.They have yet to win at home.
Form: L L L L W L L L L L

Beech Park has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won every game.
Form: W W W W W W W W W W W W W

05/02/2023 08:03
13 Sat A
St Mochtas 3 - 2 Rathcoole FC 28/1
St Mochtas beat Rathcoole FC.
League leaders St Mochtas marginally won 3-2 against their visitors, 6th placed Rathcoole FC at Porterstown Road at 11:15 am

St Mochtas are currently on a winning streak of 6 games.They have won 7 out of 9 home games.
Form: W W W W W W D W W L D W

Rathcoole FC
Form: L W W L L L W D W D W

05/02/2023 08:03
13 Sat C1
Carriglea FC 2 - 2 Rathcoole FC 28/1
Carriglea FC share honours with Rathcoole FC.
13th placed Carriglea FC were held to a 2-2 draw by 10th placed Rathcoole FC at Dunedin at 11:15 am

Carriglea FC has yet to win in this competition.
Form: L D L L L L L L L L L

Rathcoole FC
Form: D L L W W L L L D L

05/02/2023 08:03
12 Sat E1
Rathcoole FC 1 - 5 Peamount Utd 28/1
Rathcoole FC suffer defeat to Peamount Utd.
9th placed Rathcoole FC were beaten at home by 6th placed Peamount Utd at Frank Cox Park at 11:15 am

Rathcoole FC are currently on a losing streak of 6 games.
Form: L L L L L L W L

Peamount Utd have won 3 out of 4 away games.
Form: W W L L L W L W L W

05/02/2023 08:03
12 Sat B
Rathcoole FC 1 - 0 Bluebell/Knockmitten 28/1
Rathcoole FC take all points from Bluebell/Knockmitten.
6th placed Rathcoole FC marginally won 1-0 against their visitors, 8th placed Bluebell/Knockmitten at Frank Cox Park at 10:15 am

Rathcoole FC
Form: D W L D D W W L L L D L L L

Bluebell/Knockmitten have yet to win away from home.
Form: L W W L L L L L L

05/02/2023 08:03
17 Sun D
Ardmore Rovers 1 - 1 Rathcoole FC 22/1
Ardmore Rovers share honours with Rathcoole FC.
4th placed Ardmore Rovers were held to a 1-1 draw by 9th placed Rathcoole FC at Ballywaltrim at 1 pm

Ardmore Rovers
Form: W D D L L W L W W W W

Rathcoole FC
Form: D D L D L L D W L L L W W

05/02/2023 08:03
18 Sun M
Ballyoulster Utd 2 - 2 Rathcoole FC 22/1
Ballyoulster Utd draw with Rathcoole FC.
7th placed Ballyoulster Utd were held to a 2-2 draw by 9th placed Rathcoole FC at Loughlinstown Road at 11 am

Ballyoulster Utd
Form: L D W L L W W W L D

Rathcoole FC
Form: D L L D L L D W L W L D

05/02/2023 08:03
SFAI Under 16 National Trophy
Newbridge Town B 2 - 2 Rathcoole FC 22/1
Newbridge Town B claim victory against Rathcoole FC.
Newbridge Town B won 2-2 against their visitors, Rathcoole FC at Station Rd, Newbridge at 10:15 am

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

05/02/2023 08:03
Club Summary
Goals ScoredGoals ConcededClean SheetsRed CardsYellow Cards
1Rathcoole FC92015522
2Mount Merrion101414019
3Knocklyon Utd101213-119
4Beechwood FC Black91913616
5Home Farm51301315
6Peamount Utd471612
7Verona FC91522-712
8Rosemount Mulvey6108211
9Beechwood FC Red24327-240
1Manortown Utd1236171925
2Ardmore Rovers112481624
3Terenure Rangers122316722
4Portmarnock AFC122218417
5Home Farm81811715
6Rathcoole FC141631-1513
7Ballyfermot Utd81013-38
9Arthur Griffith Park10830-224
1Arthur Griffith Park113162531
2Beechwood FC930121822
3Greystones Utd122619719
4Crumlin Utd92011917
5Rathcoole FC81617-111
6Sporting Greystones12928-199
7Belmont FC101222-108
8St John Bosco9820-125
9Bohemians FC6522-170
1Ballyfermot Utd1235152029
2Dingle Utd112421319
3Blessington AFC113024615
4Greystones Utd112123-214
5St John Vianney62011913
6Manortown Utd101114-313
7Collinstown FC72117412
8Rathcoole FC82324-110
9Kilnamanagh AFC101321-88
10St Francis102231-98
11Larkview FC6524-190
1AFC Belgrave1142182425
2Beechwood FC1241241725
3Tallaght Town123729822
4Transport Iveagh Trust FC103023717
5Dynamo Dublin FC726151115
6Peamount Utd103526915
7Lourdes Celtic81415-112
8Granada FC112230-812
9Rathcoole FC8631-253
10Park Celtic5618-121
11Ballyowen Celtic8535-300
1Tallaght Town124283434
2Swords Celtic1333141934
3Collinstown FC1138201827
4Parkvale FC142428-416
5Knocklyon Utd111816215
6Newbridge Town112326-315
7Rathcoole FC102519614
8Terenure Rangers91124-1310
9Sporting Greystones121735-185
10Leicester Celtic8521-162
11St Mochtas111237-251
1Terenure Rangers1240172326
2Parkvale FC1138261222
3Clontarf FC122921821
4Ardmore Rovers112516920
5Lakelands FC113122919
6Glasnevin FC132220216
7Harold's Cross112228-615
8Mount Merrion112530-512
9Rathcoole FC132532-712
10Castleknock Celtic101832-147
11Raheny Utd111748-313
1Cabinteely FC1235231224
2Ballyfermot Utd103025519
4Mount Merrion92921818
5Belvedere FC122926318
6Ardmore Rovers726111516
7Ballyoulster Utd102627-114
8Manortown Utd102421311
9Rathcoole FC122330-710
10Lusk Utd82229-78
11St Kevin's Boys112033-136
12Raheny Utd9736-290
1St Francis1347113634
2Esker Celtic124193233
3Broadford Rovers1242271524
4Newbridge Town123331218
5Tolka Rovers123029118
7Rathcoole FC113032-215
8Ballymun Utd122937-813
9Portmarnock AFC121942-2310
10Inchicore Ath FC91627-114
11Granada FC9837-294
12Lucan Utd81031-213
1St Mochtas1230161429
2Crumlin Utd1232181425
3St Malachys1027161122
4Leicester Celtic122725218
5Drogheda Boys827121517
6Rathcoole FC112318517
7Templeogue Utd91615114
8Bohemians FC113138-713
9Stella Maris111227-1510
10Castleknock Celtic81118-78
11Corduff FC102433-97
12Greystones Utd111322-97
13Lucan Utd9823-152
1Leicester Celtic1246153131
2Lourdes Celtic82842424
3Esker Celtic1029111823
4Enniskerry YC102012820
5Blessington AFC123235-319
6Ballyfermot Utd112921818
7Dalkey Utd122229-712
8Mount Merrion111931-1212
9St Joseph's Boys71416-28
10Rathcoole FC101528-138
11Belmont FC121836-188
12Sporting Greystones61422-86
13Carriglea FC11632-261
1Beech Park1359134639
2Rosemount Mulvey1355203536
3Portmarnock AFC1031141724
4Knocklyon Utd1129191022
5Shankill FC93223919
6Peamount Utd102822617
7Blessington AFC133141-1012
8Castleknock Celtic112434-1012
9Sporting Greystones101938-196
10Ballyfermot Utd101937-185
11Harold's Cross101536-213
12Rathcoole FC102149-283
13Mulhuddart FC4623-170
1Celbridge Town1549321732
2Manortown Utd1346271930
3Knocklyon Utd1133132026
4Drumcondra AFC1135201525
5Tallaght Town123728924
6Raheny Utd133529621
7Broadford Rovers123329419
8Mount Merrion143841-317
9Corduff FC102216615
10Lourdes Celtic101932-1310
11Shankill FC142752-259
12Rathcoole FC132839-118
13Clontarf FC102235-137
14Terenure Rangers141748-315
1Oliver Bond Celtic1473244942
2Newbridge Town1358253333
3Lucan Utd1459372231
4Clontarf FC1141281325
5Ballyoulster Utd134035519
6Mount Merrion123335-219
7Rathcoole FC143237-519
8Wayside Celtic112424014
9St Mochtas142536-1114
10Celbridge Town173061-3111
11Greystones Utd141953-347
13Leicester Celtic111739-225
Rathcoole FC Fixtures / Results (All Competitions This Season)
Latest Results
04/0212 Sat BRathcoole FC22Home Farm
29/0113 Sun Div 6Lourdes Celtic30Rathcoole FC
29/0117 Sun DRathcoole FC22Mount Merrion
28/0115 Sat A1Larkview FC13Rathcoole FC
28/0114 Sat CWayside Celtic33Rathcoole FC
28/0114 Sat C1Rathcoole FC04Beech Park
28/0112 Sat E1Rathcoole FC15Peamount Utd
28/0113 Sat ASt Mochtas32Rathcoole FC
28/0113C1Carriglea FC22Rathcoole FC
28/0112 Sat BRathcoole FC10Bluebell/Knockmitten
22/0117 Sun DArdmore Rovers11Rathcoole FC
22/0118 Sun MBallyoulster Utd22Rathcoole FC
22/01SFAINewbridge Town B22Rathcoole FC
22/01SFAI Under 14 Girls National Trophy Killester/Donnycarney FC (NL)32Rathcoole FC 14's
21/0112 Sat B1Swords Celtic20Rathcoole FC
21/0114 Sat CRathcoole FC04Newbridge Town
21/01SFAIStella Maris M21Rathcoole FC A1
04/1217 Sun DRathcoole FC12Clontarf FC
04/1216 Sun BRathcoole FC32Broadford Rovers
04/1213 Sun Div 6Rathcoole FC02Corduff FC
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04/0212 Sat A1Sporting GreystonesvRathcoole FCMathew Moore2
04/0212 Sat B1Rathcoole FCvTallaght TownDave SwanFrank Cox ParkX
04/0213 Sat ACastleknock CelticvRathcoole FCColreavy LorcanPorterstown ParkX
04/028 Sat YellowLeixlip UtdvLourdes CelticLeixlip Amm Centre
04/028 Sat YellowHartstown HuntstownvRathcoole FCHartstown Park
04/028 Sat YellowHome FarmvRailway UnionVEC Whitehall
04/028 Sat YellowCelbridge TownvTerenure RangersSt Patrick's Park
04/028 Sat YellowCollinstown FCvSt Joseph's BoysCollinstown Park
04/028 Sat YellowLeicester CelticvPalmerstown FCLoreto Park
04/02Palmerstown FCvLeicester CelticGlenaulin Park
04/02Cambridge BoysvCelbridge TownRingsend Park
04/02Belvedere FCvClontarf FCClontarf Astro
04/02Belmont FCvCollinstown FCHerbert Park
04/02Beechwood FCvEnniskerry YCRoyal Hospital, Donnybroo
04/02Arthur Griffith ParkvHartstown HuntstownGriffeen Valley Park
04/02Castleknock CelticvRathcoole FCDodsboro
04/028 sat whiteCelbridge TownvSt MochtasSt Patrick's Park
04/028 sat whiteIdlevRathcoole FCVEC Whitehall
04/028 sat whiteHartstown HuntstownvRosemount MulveyHartstown Park
04/028 sat whiteCastleknock CelticvVerona FCPorterstown Park
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