IDSDP held every April, 6 aims at recognizing the contribution sports can make to people's lives.

This year, we interviewed Mark Clohessy, the league's ETP Director of Football. We spoke about the importance of sports for society; how the pandemic has affected sports, and much more.

When asked about the importance of sports for society, he says: The role of sports in society cannot be underestimated especially in today's society. Sports provide a sense of community to all, and the inclusiveness sport brings can only benefit society as a whole.

Knowing that the pandemic has affected our lives in an immeasurable dimension, he observes "With no sports being played during this pandemic, it has taken a huge toll on the physical and mental well being of all society and not just children.

With that in mind, we are hopefully closer to a return to sport as we know it, and teams, managers, and individuals can pull together to help any person that has been affected by this pandemic."

The league's ETP Director of Football also remembered why days like today are so important in our lives: This day is an important celebration of all that is good in Sports. As we all know, Sport has the power to drive social change, community-personal development, and well being. So, for the UN to promote this day and all sporting organizations to get behind it will be phenomenal especially in the times that we are living in now.

We know people are living in very challenging times, but our team is here to support you. STAY SAFE

22/11/2020 17:52