DDSL creates a timeline to facilitate a safe return to competitive league for season 2021/2022

To enable young players who realistically have not played a competitive football match since

last September 2020, to re-engage safely with full contact competitive matches before the

season 21/22 proper will start.

In setting out the process, we are guided by the relevant protocols from NPHET/HSE &

the FAI, at this time. To facilitate a structured and safe return to play, the Executive

Committee of the Dublin & District Schoolboys’/Girls’ League have agreed on the following:

From 7th June 2021: Clubs may arrange friendlies within the DDSL for the month of June, the league will

be available to assist clubs in this process where required. At present only one match

per week is permitted, currently tournaments where more than 2 teams are

participating - are strictly prohibited.

Month of July 2021: The month of July is a closed month under SFAI rules, players are free to re-sign for

their existing club or move to a new club from July 1st. Please note signing a player is

not the same as registering a player, OFFICIAL REGISTRATION opens on

August 1st, 2021.

Clubs/Teams may arrange trials to assist in player selection & signings for the new

2021/2022 season. To enable clubs to raise funding for the new season, we are requesting

small tournaments and mini world cups be allowed to take place with proper supervision

and adherence to NPHET/HSE & FAI protocols (The DDSL have requested any updated

protocols around running tournaments & mini world cups from the FAI ).

August 1st, 2021:
On August 1st player registration is open. Players may register to participate in the

league proper for the new season. All players must be properly registered in line FAI


August 21/22nd:

The new season will kick off, on the weekend of Saturday 21st& Sun 22nd August with all

divisions playing on their designated day. The option to play midweek fixtures will be at the

discretion of the relevant fixture secretaries for August & part of September.
We look forward (subject to no further lockdowns ) to returning to the new normal for our

clubs as quickly as possible, running in line with the kids school calendar, the season finishes

on June 30th, 2022.

Please stay safe and continue to follow the protocols to ensure we have a real chance of

continuous football for everyone this time round.

Please note further updates will follow as soon as information becomes available.

All the best for the coming season.

15/05/2021 19:56