Becoming a Football for All Club

Have you ever heard about Football for all? No? We will explain it to you.

FFA was established in the FAI in 2002 to promote inclusion among people with disabilities in Irish football communities.
The project vision is to enable every person in Ireland to participate in games, to allow all involved in the game to reach their full potential, whatever level that might be,

and to inspire the nation through international success at the highest level.

Key objectives for the FFA Club program are:

  • Establish a network of FFA clubs through our community clubs in each county of the Republic of Ireland
  • Increase participation of players with disabilities from 6 years of age in football through an inclusive environment
  • Educate and train coaches working with players with disabilities
  • Support participating clubs to become as inclusive as possible

Some of the benefits of becoming a registered FFA Club:

  • A range of human resources such as FAI FFA Development officers, FAI mainstream Football Development officers and coaches / volunteers in other FFA teams.
  • Delivery of a free FAI ‘Awareness and Coaching in Disability Football’ workshop to club coaches and volunteers (different disabilities)
  • A FFA banner and certificate of recognition for your club to display

If you are interested in register your club, please email: Heather Jameson or Chris McElligott

25/05/2021 22:16