Registration for the new season will open on Friday-10th July

The process is the same as in previous years using the “Clubforce” link will be available here. You can register teams for both boys & girls as per the list of age groups and divisions. There are a number of issues relating to fees, of which you should pay particular attention.

  • Most clubs have funds on credit with the League arising from payments made for the 2020/21 season. Clubs who are in credit can set the amount against their 2021/22 fees by applying a unique discount code which is available on request from the undersigned, at this email address. The code will require to be entered during ton the final page (payment) of the registration process so it should be acquired in advance of commencing registration of your teams.
  • All clubs, whether they have a credit to claim or not, will be granted a discount of 25% on fees payable for the new season and the discount will be applied automatically to the total due.

  • Normally clubs are required to pay the first installment of fees immediately on registration. This will not apply for the new season so clubs can select to pay by up to 4 installments on dates which suit the club’s current financial position. Of course, as in previous years, clubs can pay the full amount in one payment, if they so wish.

The above measures are being introduced for this season to assist all clubs, following the long layoff due to Covid 19. Any club which foresees a difficulty in meeting its financial commitments, taking account of the above revised protocols, should contact the undersigned directly and in advance of undertaking the registration process.

In addition and as in previous years, an in date (current) copy of your club’s public liability (PL) policy is required to be uploaded as part of the registration process. If your policy is due to be renewed between now and the start of the new season, a further copy of the renewed certificate will require to be uploaded before the first weekend fixtures. Fixtures will not be allocated where a club has not submitted an in date PL certificate.

You will note some changes in the divisional profile and any queries in this regard, should be directed to George Victory, League Secretary, in the first instance.

If applicable to your club, please ensure that you obtain your unique discount code, in advance of commencing the registration process, from the undersigned (by email) to set your 2020/21 credit against this season’s registration fees.

07/07/2021 22:10