Clubforce DDSL Cup Finals 2022

The Clubforce DDSL Cup Finals 2022 will take place in the AUL, Dublin across the weekend 13th/14th/15th May. You can buy tickets for any of the days or for the full weekend. Please advise all involved with the team, including Parents, that cash will not be taken at the gate. Entry is by prepaid ticket only.

Tickets can be purchased through Clubforce. The cost is €5 per day per adult with a weekend ticket of €10. Please click HERE

The use of prepaid tickets is a new development for the League, arising from instructions from the Gardaí who will not permit the queueing of cars outside the gate of the AUL complex. This was a problem when we last held the event pre covid, which led to a serious health and safety issue with cars having to queue on the ‘country” road outside the complex. The Gardaí have advised that if queueing occurs, cars will be moved on and will not be permitted to enter the complex.

The League is seeking your cooperation in disseminating this information to all involved with your team, so as to ensure the safety of all attending and that no one is disappointed by being refused entry. Under no circumstances will cash be taken at the entry point. A printed ticket will be required for every adult attending and will checked at the entry point.

The League is looking forward to hosting the event and hope that it will be a safe and enjoyable experience for the young people involved and their parents and family. Please pass this information on to all involved.

05/05/2022 16:48