Update: Girls Football Development Strategy 2021-2023

Welcome to the new season 2022-2023. I’d like to take this opportunity to update you on the progress and development of Girl’s football in the Dublin & District Schoolboys’Girls’ League.

Season 2021-2022

Last season saw our Girls League expand to 20 Divisions with 180 teams across 7 age groups from U8 to U14, with 2,600 girls participating.

Remarkable figures by any standards which clearly reflect the growing popularity of the game which will no doubt receive a further boost following the recent Women's Euro Championship.

Cup Finals 2022-2023

The highlight of the season was no doubt the first ever DDSL Girls Cup Finals. There were 4 finals played from u11 to u14. There is no doubt it will remain long in the memories of those present that Sunday in May. The quite staggering crowds present at the games and the after match presentations were amazing.

The participation and support of all (players/managers/mentors/parents) was incredible. Roll on next seasons finals.


Our strategy of encouraging our clubs to enter teams in the small sided leagues has been hugely successful as we see our teams move on to the older age groups.

U15 Football

We are delighted to confirm the commencement of U15 Girls football in the DDSL for the coming season 2022-2023. Another huge step forward for the growth and development of Girls football.

The Dublin & District Schoolboys’Girls’ League is fully committed to the growth and development of Girls Football and will continue to support our Clubs to develop and introduce Girls Academies.

New Season 2022-2023

As I’m sure you’re aware the new season will commence 3rd/4th September (u12-u18) and 10/11th September (u8-u11).

Registrations/Fees for Seasons 2022-2023

To facilitate the rapid growth in the Girls’ game and to assist Clubs financially the League are pleased to offer the following registration structure for Season 22/23 to all Girls’ clubs/teams joining the DDSL.

U8/U9 : Free of charge.

U10/U14 : €50 per team per Season

Fees will be reviewed for Season 2023-2024.

The upcoming season 2022-2023 will see the DDSL cater for Girls from U8-U15, Sundays.

Structure for Season 2022-2023

U8 : Born 2015 : 5 aside format Sunday
U9 : Born 2014 : 5 aside format-Sunday
U10 : Born 2013 : 7 aside format-Sunday
U11 : Born 2012 : 7 aside format-Sunday
U12 : Born 2011 : 9 aside format-Sunday
U13 : Born 2010 : 9 aside format-Sunday
U14 : Born 2009 : 11 aside format-Sunday
U15 : Born 2008 :11 aside format (Season 22-23)
U16 : 11 aside format (Season 23-24)

Emerging Talent Programme/Academies

Will be established for SFAI Inter League competitions and Gaynor Cup or SFAI equivalent, based on the same structure currently in place for Boys’ football.

No fees to enter ETP/Academy-all SFAI Inter League competitions are paid for by the DDSL.

Training kit is subsidised by the DDSL with a contribution to be paid by individual players.

All tournaments outside of SFAI competitions are subsidised (travel/accommodation/meals), 50% funded by DDSL, 50% by Parents/Guardians.

Our Emerging Talent Programme will include Girls from U11-U15.

Further information on this initiative will issue shortly

All players from U11-U15 will be afforded the opportunity to participate in the programme leading to the Dublin & District Schoolboys’Girls’ League being represented for the first time at the Gaynor Cup in 2023

Our Aims

•To ensure that all our Clubs can compete in Boys’/Girls’ Football under the remit of the DDSL in one League only.

•To encourage and assist DDSL clubs to enter new U8 teams which will ensure full participation for Girls from U8-U16 in 23/24.

•To establish Girls’ Football on a level footing with the Boys’ game and ensure that the DDSL provides the most suitable platform for the development of Boys and Girls of all abilities.

•To encourage and assist each and every one of our 140 member Clubs to embrace Girls’ Football, the fastest growing participant sport in the world.

If you have any queries or would like clarification on any of the above please do not hesitate to contact myself or Girls’ Football Secretary Vanessa O Donnell.

06/08/2022 11:37