DDSL Calendar for Season 2018

Season will start the 1st week-end in February 2018 for 11 aside teams – a youth league will be introduced to replace the old under 17s & 18s league.

An Interim league for the under 18s that finished this year Nov 2017 will be available - (start end Jan 2018 – finishing end May 2018) allowing them to join teams at under 19 level from August 2018(a minimum of 10 clubs required to form this league)

For 9 aside (under 12s) and the 11a Saturday kick off the week-end of February 17th/18th

All other small sided age groups kick off week-end of March 3rd/4th Cup finals week-end will be played on May 26th/27th Interim break will commence after the week-end of June 23rd/24th fixtures are completed. A minimum of 14 league fixtures to be completed by the mid-term break.

Season resumes for 11 aside teams on the week-end of August 25th/26th

For 9 aside (under 12s) and all small sided age groups kick off week-end September 1st/2nd.

Season completed by November 24th/25th

Divisions made up of 12 teams playing 2 rounds of fixtures.

3 mid-week fixtures shall be compulsory for state exam age groups, to be played before week-end of May 26th/27th

Teams finishing in the top two positions at the end of the season, will be promoted to the next division above where applicable. (No club can have 2 teams playing in the same division in the same season).

Teams finishing in the bottom two positions at the end of the season will be relegated to the next division down.

Easter & May bank holiday weekends are closed weekends (no scheduled DDSL fixtures to be played).

Fixture secretaries retain the right to arrange fixtures on any bank holiday weekend they deem necessary outside of Easter and May.

Fixtures cannot be called off or changed without the consent of the relevant fixture secretary – failure to notify the fixture by either club involved - will result in any such fixtures played been null and void and no points awarded to either team involved.

Requests for games off – MUST be made by email to the relevant fixture secretary a minimum of 14 days prior to the relevant date required for the fixture to be off – (see form below). All such requests will only be accepted from an officer of the requesting club. No fixtures can be called off between team managers.

A team can request a maximum of 2 fixtures off prior to the interim break and 1 in the second part of the season – requests cannot be carried over from one part of the season to another.

Any team giving 2 walkovers in a season (without good reason and accepted by the Executive committee) will be relegated to the next division down or removed from the league totally.

See download section for detailed calendar

Request to have a match called off application form

Date of application:


Age group:


Game off on:

Reason for call off:


Position in the club

Fixture Secretary:



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