Referee Information and Protocols
For the attention of all Club Secretaries

Dear Secretary,

As we are now several weeks into the new season I think it is opportune to write to you in relation to a number of issues concerning the appointment / allocation / contact and payment of referees.


Currently due to a number of factors we a experiencing a serious shortage of referees at all levels. My priority is to ensure that all eleven a side games are allocated referees in the first instance, followed by U12P/12M and U11A/11A1.

The appointment of referees to DDSL games is the sole responsibility of the referee's allocator. Please do not contact referees without the knowledge or approval of the referees allocator.

The fixtures that appear in Monday's Herald Striker are subject to revision on the following Thursday/Friday. This is due to a number of factors, chief among them being the withdrawal of referees in the week preceding games.

As you can appreciate it is a challenge to provide referees, from a limited number, to all our games, including one off games, in locations as far apart as Wicklow and Portrane.

Contact / Communication

Any omissions/ errors in Monday's Herald Striker should be reported to the Referees Allocator by text as early as possible.

Contact should be made as soon as possible with the appointed referee to confirm availability. I fully understand that the role of club secretary is voluntary and demanding and for clubs with multiple teams, time consuming.

I have made the referees aware that it is also their responsibility to liaise with club secretaries.

Non availability of referees should be reported to the a referees Allocator as soon as possible, again by text.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the Home Team to ensure that the appointed referee is contacted to confirm availability and the opposition is advised of the kick off time and venue.

Can you please advise all your team managers that it is the club secretary who liaises with the Referee Allocator and Fixture Secretary.

Current Situation

The first weeks of the new season have been hectic to say the least.

Appointments / Allocations / Changes have extended late into Friday evenings / Saturday's and indeed Sunday. From any perspective this is not sustainable. While I expect things to settle down somewhat from now, it won't be long before midweek fixtures begin.

From Friday 9th March Referee Allocator will be available up to 7pm Friday only.

Match Fees.

These should be strictly adhered to.

U10/11. 21e

U12. 25e

U13/14. 27e

U15/16. 32e

ALL Youths. 46e

ALL Domestic DDSL Cup games. 50/50

ALL SFAI games. Home Team.

FAI U17/FAI Yth/ LFA Yth. Home Team.


ALL DDSL/SFAI games 7 from 7. Roll On / Off

FAI U17/FAI Yth/ LFA Yth. 5 from 7. Straight substitutions, NOT roll on/off

Match kick off times.

A number of clubs have requested that kick off times and venues are not inserted in the Heral Striker against their fixtures. This is not practical or workable. Referees have to be allocated in advance in order that we cover as many games as possible with the limited number available.

Every effort will be made to facilitate the changes in cooperation with the League Secretary / Allocator and opposition.

Match Results

In order to keep League Tables up to date and avoid fixture duplication it would be in the interest of all if clubs would submit their results to the relevant League Secretary as soon as possible after match day. This should apply whether team is home / away or game off.


I hope this bulletin is of assistance to all our stakeholders and I would be grateful to those of you who are not fixture secretary if would pass on to the relevant person.

It is essential that we work together to maximise our resources to ensure that our League maintains its position as the most progressive League in the Country.

Above all we must ensure that all the Children in all our teams have the facilities to enable them to play our great game every weekend..

I intend this to be the first of a number of regular bulletins to club secretaries.

If you have any views or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.

George Victory

Hon Secretary

28/02/2018 17:29