Topflight Dublin Cup 2018

Below are the weekends fixtures for this years Topflight Dublin Cup -

Come out and enjoy the football over the weekend -

FRIDAY - 3rd Aug 2018
2005 League BasisRound 1
Drogheda Boys 1 v 1Drogheda City Blue4Friday2pm
Inverness Caledonian Thistle 4 v 0Drogheda City Claret 5Friday2pm
2002 League BasisRound 1
Drimnagh Celtic 1 v 6Swords Celtic5Friday3pm
2004 Group Red
Inverness Caledonian Thistle 3 v 0Belvedere FC 137Friday3pm
St Joseph’s Boys1 v 2Baldoyle Utd8Friday3pm
2004 Group Blue
St John Bosco1 v 2Belvedere FC11Friday3pm
Springfield Ramblers0 v 4 DDSL13Friday3pm
2003 League BasisRound 1
NDSL0 v 3Phoenix FC9Friday4pm
Cherry Orchard 2 v 0St Kevin’s Boys (M)10Friday4pm
DDSL, idle
2002 League BasisRound 1
Home Farm 1 v 0Drogheda Boys4Friday4pm
Shelbourne Academy 2 v 0Kildrum Tigers6Friday4pm
SATURDAY - 4th Aug 2018
2007 Group BluePitchKO
Malahide UtdvRDYSL 3aSaturday10am
AYSO Santa Monica ExtravBelvedere FC3Saturday10am
2007 Group Blue
RDYSL vBelvedere FC3Saturday12
AYSO Santa Monica ExtravMalahide Utd3aSaturday12
2007 Group Red
RDYSL TigersvRDYSL CUBS 3aSaturday11am
Leixlip UtdvGlebe North Dublin3Saturday11am
2007 Group Red
Glebe North DublinvRDYSL CUBS 3Saturday1pm
RDYSL TigersvLeixlip Utd3aSaturday1pm
2006 Group Blue
Newbridge TownvAYSO Santa Monica Extra1Saturday10am
NECSL WhitevLaytown Utd2Saturday10am
2006 Group Red
Dundalk FCvNECSL Green1Saturday11am
DDSL Premier vGreenisland FC2Saturday11am
2006 Group Blue
NECSL WhitevNewbridge Town1Saturday12.30pm
Laytown UtdvAYSO Santa Monica Extra2Saturday12.30pm
2006 Group Red
DDSL Premier vDundalk FC1Saturday1.30pm
Greenisland FCvNECSL Green2Saturday1.30pm
2003 League BasisRound 2
Phoenix FCDDSL4Saturday11am
St Kevin’s Boys (M) vNDSL5Saturday11am
Cherry Orchard, Idle
2004 Group Red
Baldoyle UtdvBelvedere FC 137Saturday11am
St Joseph’s BoysvInverness Caled Thistle 8Saturday11am
2004 Group Blue
Springfield RamblersvSt John Bosco6Saturday11am
Belvedere FCv DDSL9
2005 League BasisRound 2
DDSL vDrogheda City Claret 11Saturday12
Drogheda BoysvInverness Caledonian Thistle10Saturday12
Drogheda City Blue
2002 League BasisRound 2
Swords Celtic vHome Farm13Saturday12
Kildrum Tigers vDrogheda Boys5Saturday12
Shelbourne Academy vDrimnagh Celtic6Saturday12
2003 League BasisRound 3
NDSLvCherry Orchard10Saturday1pm
DDSL vSt Kevin’s Boys (M)4Saturday1pm
Phoenix FC, idle
2004 Group Red
Belvedere FC 13vSt Joseph's Boys8Saturday1pm
Baldoyle UtdvInverness Caled Thistle 7Saturday1pm
2004 Group Blue
Springfield Ramblers v Belvedere FC6Saturday1pm
DDSLv St John Bosco9Saturday1pm
2005 League BasisRound 3
DDSLvDrogheda Boys4Saturday2pm
Drogheda City BluevInverness Caledonian Thistle5Saturday2pm
Drogheda City Claret
2002 League BasisRound 3
Home Farm vKildrum Tigers6Saturday2pm
Swords Celtic vShelbourne Academy5Saturday2pm
Drogheda Boys vDrimnagh Celtic4Saturday2pm
SUNDAY - 5th Aug 2018
2007 Group RedPitchKO
Glebe North DublinvRDYSL Tigers3Sunday10am
RDYSL CubsvLeixlip Utd3ASunday10am
2007 Group Blue
RDYSL vAYSO Santa Monica Extra3Sunday11am
Belvedere FCvMalahide Utd3ASunday11am
2007 Play-offs -  
Blue 4thvRed 4th3aSunday1pm
Red 3rdvBlue 3rd3Sunday1pm
Blue 2ndvRed 2nd3aSunday2pm
Red 1stvBlue 1st3Sunday2pm
2006 Play-offs
Laytown UtdvNewbridge Town1Sunday10am
AYSO Santa Monica ExtravNECSL White2Sunday10am
2006 Group Red
NECSL GreenvDDSL Premier 1Sunday11am
Greenisland FCvDundalk FC2Sunday11am
2006 Play-offs
Blue 4thvRed 4th1Sunday1pm
Red 3rdvBlue 3rd2Sunday1pm
Blue 2ndvRed 2nd1Sunday2pm
Red 1stvBlue 1st2Sunday2pm
2005 League BasisRound 4
Inverness Caledonian Thistle vDDSL 11Sunday11am
Drogheda City BluevDrogheda City Claret 10Sunday11am
Drogheda Boys
2004 Play-offs
Blue 4thvRed 4th6Sunday11am
Red 3rdvBlue 3rd7Sunday11am
2003 League BasisRound 4
Cherry Orchard vPhoenix FC9Sunday12
DDSL vNDSL11Sunday12
St Kevin’s Boys (M), idle
2002 League BasisRound 4
Shelbourne Academy vHome Farm13Sunday12
Drimnagh Celtic vKildrum Tigers4Sunday12
Drogheda Boys vSwords Celtic5Sunday12
2005 League BasisRound 5
DDSLvDrogheda City Blue4Sunday1.15pm
Drogheda City ClaretvDrogheda Boys5Sunday1.15pm
Inverness Caledonian Thistle
2004 Play-offs
Blue 2ndvRed 2nd8Sunday1.15am
Red 1stvBlue 1st10Sunday1.15am
2003 League BasisRound 5
Phoenix FC vSt Kevin’s Boys (M)9Sunday2.15pm
Cherry Orchard vDDSL13Sunday2.15pm
NDSL, idle
2002 League BasisRound 5
Home Farm vDrimnagh Celtic10Sunday2.15pm
Shelbourne Academy vDrogheda Boys4Sunday2.15pm
Kildrum Tigers vSwords Celtic5Sunday2.15pm

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