A full round up of the weekends scores from the Topflight Dublin Cup

A full round up of the weekends scores from the Topflight Dublin Cup after a great weekend of football.

FRIDAY - 3rd Aug 2018
2005 League BasisRound 1
Drogheda Boys 1 v 1Drogheda City Blue4Friday2pm
Inverness Caledonian Thistle 4 v 0Drogheda City Claret 5Friday2pm
2004 Group Red
Inverness Caledonian Thistle 3 v 0Belvedere FC 137Friday3pm
St Joseph’s Boys1 v 2Baldoyle Utd8Friday3pm
2004 Group Blue
St John Bosco1 v 2Belvedere FC11Friday3pm
Springfield Ramblers0 v 4 DDSL13Friday3pm
2003 League BasisRound 1
NDSL0 v 3Phoenix FC9Friday4pm
Cherry Orchard 2 v 0St Kevin’s Boys (M)10Friday4pm
DDSL, idle
2002 League BasisRound 1
Drimnagh Celtic 1 v 6Swords Celtic5Friday3pm
Home Farm 1 v 0Drogheda Boys4Friday4pm
Shelbourne Academy 2 v 0 Kildrum Tigers6Friday4pm
SATURDAY - 4th Aug 2018
2007 Group BluePitchKO
Malahide Utd2 v 3RDYSL 3aSaturday10am
AYSO Santa Monica Extra1 v 4Belvedere FC3Saturday10am
2007 Group Blue
RDYSL 2 v 4Belvedere FC3Saturday12
AYSO Santa Monica Extra3 v 5Malahide Utd3aSaturday12
2007 Group Red
RDYSL Tigers2 v 1RDYSL CUBS 3aSaturday11am
Leixlip Utd8 v 0Glebe North Dublin3Saturday11am
2007 Group Red
Glebe North Dublin0 v 9RDYSL CUBS 3Saturday1pm
RDYSL Tigers6 v 1Leixlip Utd3aSaturday1pm
2006 Group Blue
Newbridge Town6 v 2AYSO Santa Monica Extra1Saturday10am
NECSL White4 v 2Laytown Utd2Saturday10am
2006 Group Blue
NECSL White2 v 4Newbridge Town1Saturday12.30pm
Laytown Utd6 v 1AYSO Santa Monica Extra2Saturday12.30pm
2006 Group Red
Dundalk FC3 v 0NECSL Green1Saturday11am
DDSL Premier 3 v 3Greenisland FC2Saturday11am
2006 Group Red
DDSL Premier 1 v 3Dundalk FC1Saturday1.30pm
Greenisland FC7 v 0NECSL Green2Saturday1.30pm
2004 Group Red
Baldoyle Utd5 v 0Belvedere FC 137Saturday11am
St Joseph’s Boys0 v 3Inverness Caled Thistle 8Saturday11am
2004 Group Red
Belvedere FC 131 v 2St Joseph's Boys8Saturday1pm
Baldoyle Utd1 v 3Inverness Caled Thistle 7Saturday1pm
2004 Group Blue
Springfield Ramblers2 v 7St John Bosco6Saturday11am
Belvedere FC1 v 1DDSL9Saturday11am
2004 Group Blue
Springfield Ramblers 0 v 6Belvedere FC6Saturday1pm
DDSL1 v 1 St John Bosco9Saturday1pm
2005 League BasisRound 2
DDSL 2 v 3Drogheda City Claret 11Saturday12
Drogheda Boys0 v 9Inverness Caledonian Thistle10Saturday12
Drogheda City Blue
2005 League BasisRound 3
DDSL4 v 0Drogheda Boys4Saturday2pm
Drogheda City Blue0 v 6Inverness Caledonian Thistle5Saturday2pm
Drogheda City Claret
2003 League BasisRound 2
Phoenix FC2 v 0DDSL4Saturday11am
St Kevin’s Boys (M) 0 v 2NDSL5Saturday11am
Cherry Orchard, Idle
2003 League BasisRound 3
NDSL0 v 1Cherry Orchard10Saturday1pm
DDSL 3 v 0St Kevin’s Boys (M)4Saturday1pm
Phoenix FC, idle
2002 League BasisRound 2
Swords Celtic 0 v 2Home Farm13Saturday12
Kildrum Tigers 0 v 0Drogheda Boys5Saturday12
Shelbourne Academy 3 v 0Drimnagh Celtic6Saturday12
2002 League BasisRound 3
Home Farm 1 v 0Kildrum Tigers6Saturday2pm
Swords Celtic 2 v 3Shelbourne Academy5Saturday2pm
Drogheda Boys 2 v 2Drimnagh Celtic4Saturday2pm
SUNDAY - 5th Aug 2018
2007 Group RedPitchKO
Glebe North Dublin1 v 9RDYSL Tigers3Sunday10am
RDYSL Cubs4 v 3Leixlip Utd3ASunday10am
2007 Group Blue
RDYSL 7 v 1AYSO Santa Monica Extra3Sunday11am
Belvedere FC5 v 1Malahide Utd3ASunday11am
2007 Play-offs -  
AYSO Santa Monica7 v 4Glebe North3aSunday12.30pm
Leixlip Utd2 v 2Malahide Utd3Sunday1pm
RDYSL Cubs4 v 1RDYSL3aSunday2pm
RDYSL Tigers2 v 2Belvedere FC3Sunday2pm
Penalties - 4Penalties - 2
2006 Blue
Laytown Utd1 v 1Newbridge Town1Sunday10am
AYSO Santa Monica Extra1 v 4NECSL White2Sunday10am
2006 Group Red
NECSL Green1 v 7DDSL Premier 1Sunday11am
Greenisland FC0 v 2Dundalk FC2Sunday11am
2006 Play-offs
AYSO Santa Monica0 v 4NECSL Green1Sunday12.30pm
DDSL3 v 0Laytown Utd2Sunday1pm
NECSL White1 v 2Greenisland FC1Sunday2pm
Dundalk FC2 v 2Newbridge Town2Sunday2pm
Penalties 10Penalties 11
2005 League BasisRound 4
Inverness Caledonian Thistle 3 v 1DDSL 11Sunday11am
Drogheda City Blue0 v 5Drogheda City Claret 10Sunday11am
Drogheda Boys
2005 League BasisRound 5
DDSL3 v 1Drogheda City Blue4Sunday1.15pm
Drogheda City Claret2 v 1Drogheda Boys5Sunday1.15pm
Inverness Caledonian Thistle
2004 Play-offs
Springfield Ramblers0 v 7Belvedere FC 136Sunday11am
St John Bosco0 v 4St Josepohs Boys7Sunday11am
DDSL1 v 2Baldoyle Utd8Sunday1.15am
Inverness Caledonian Thistle0 v 0Belvedere FC10Sunday1.15am
Penalties 2Penalties 4
2003 League BasisRound 4
Cherry Orchard 0 v 1Phoenix FC9Sunday12
DDSL 0 v 1NDSL11Sunday12
St Kevin’s Boys (M), idle
2003 League BasisRound 5
Phoenix FC 3 v 1St Kevin’s Boys (M)9Sunday2.15pm
Cherry Orchard 5 v 0DDSL13Sunday2.15pm
NDSL, idle
2002 League BasisRound 4
Shelbourne Academy 1 v 1Home Farm13Sunday12
Drimnagh Celtic 0 v 6Kildrum Tigers4Sunday12
Drogheda Boys 2 v 2Swords Celtic5Sunday12
2002 League BasisRound 5
Home Farm 4 v 0Drimnagh Celtic10Sunday2.15pm
Shelbourne Academy 2 v 1Drogheda Boys4Sunday2.15pm
Kildrum Tigers 5 v 0Swords Celtic5Sunday2.15pm

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